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10:40pm 11-02-2009
Roel van Bijnen
Dear herman,
Nice Website on the Mirror. I have a question maybe you can answer: I've seen also versions of the Mirror offshore with inboard, but no Cabin. For instance:
Do you have any info on these versions? Is this original or custom made? Any info is welcome.
Best regards,
Roel, Netherlands
4:34am 10-04-2009
Paul Mullings
Flattered that you should put a link to my YouTube effort. Compared to the masterful work of Dylan Winter it is not!!! But I really did enjoy my day in his entertaining company and as for the Mirror, what can I say except that as a cheap magic carpet it would have few peers
10:20am 10-03-2009
Neil Spooner
Thanks for putting together this site. I am restoring one at the moment, and seeing what others have done via the videos and pictures is great for planning and ideas. Do you have more info' on the sliding hatch please?
All the very best, I will post some pic's and info' as we progress.
5:48pm 10-04-2008
Tory Salvia
Great little cruising boat. Look forward to carrying KeepTurningLeft on
9:54pm 08-24-2008
piet van liempt
Dag herman,
ik ben al geruime tijd aan het denken aan een trailerbare boot.
Heb overwogen drascombe/etap/sailmaster en nu dus mirror. ik zou wel graag de MK2 versie (betere tuigage) willen. Heb je enig idee hoeveel erin Nederland varen of moet je zo wie zo naar engeland?
Is het traileren te doen?
Weet je soms een boot te koop?
Zou ik jouw boot eens kunnen zien?

piet van liempt
nederhemert (GLD)
0418 552766
8:57pm 08-01-2008
Herman Janssen
Welcome on my website,I made because could not find much on internet about the mirror offshore ,
I hope you find what you looking for .
All the best and good sailing, Herman Janssen
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