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4:16pm 01-07-2017
Mark Ellis
Hi does anyone know what the correct tyre pressures are for an original mirror offshore Trailer.
11:18am 03-01-2016
I liked the site of Kapton Carlsson .
9:31pm 10-08-2014
Göran Trygg-Wiberg
Welcome to Mirror Offshore Heddas homepage !!
Videos and picture from lake Mälaren in Sweden !!
Hedda has number 190 in the sail

Feel so good
9:32pm 09-20-2014
John Buckett
Hi Phil - saw Pintail last Sunday from the Truro-Falmouth ferry when we were coming back from Trellisick - the Mirror Offshore looked to be sailing very well, despite a strongish Easterly breeze coming across Carrick Roads. Hope you have lots of fun in her - John
10:48am 07-31-2014
Hi Phil
i think to make your MO faster you can use a bigger jib
The make them by Jeckels sail
Tthe cruising chute with sack (genacker) is a good idea. Is easyer then a real spinacker
I use a old spinacker of a FJ with a pool
lot of information on google aske differance og spinacker,genacker
Good sailing herman MO 195
1:54pm 07-30-2014
Phil Dickens
Hi I have just inherited a mirror offshore sail number"15" pintail my wife and I are in the throws of renovating her( throwing money in the sea seemed a little harsh!!) we are thinking of putting a cruising chute and sock and wondered if there was any advice that could be offered.... Many thanks
11:27pm 11-06-2013
After some searching about my mirror offshore I found this guestbook. In may I bought the boat John is talking about in march earlier this year.
I have bought it for 700 euro's and have sailed it to Lauwersoog, Netherlands. The previous owner didn't know what boat it was, and I was really excited when I found out is was an original Van der stadt. This winter it really needs some maintainance, but she will sail as long the old motor will keep running and the sails wont crack. If you have some tips, I really like to know them.
7:50am 10-02-2013
Anthony Shaw
Wish I could find a mirror for sale in my corner of the woods - where the River Plate meets the South Atlantic.
11:52am 03-13-2013
I saw a mirror offshore for sale. I think quite cheap. As a follower of Keep turning left, I like to see her going to an enthusiast. so thought I'd bring her to the attention. The owner asks 850 euro’s. I think is 741.35 British pounds.
search with > zeilboot 6.10 bij 2.15
it seems, the owner does not know what kind of a boat it is.

11:04am 02-27-2013
Herman janssen
my boot is called freddy the fish i bought just a new red sail from jeckels nr 295 but i have still tos fix the volvol pente md1

Luck with your mirror offshore. herman
10:47pm 02-25-2013
Ryszard Spodarczyk
From 18 02 2013 I am very, very happy. I bought Mirror Offshore named Reflection.She is going to Poland.
7:00am 02-08-2013
Bas van Donge
Hi. My Mirror is in Kilifi - Kenya and one of the keels is rusting badly caused by the salt of the Indian Ocean.
Can somebody tell me how the keels are fixed in the body?
Maybe Cees van Tongeren of Van der Stadt Design?
Thks for yr answer.
2:44pm 05-15-2012
Hi Mark the total weight with engine and trailer is about 2.5 tons hope this will help you
11:09pm 04-23-2012
Herman Janssen
The weight of the Mirror is 1000 KG
The weight of the Volvo Penta MD1 is 130 Kg
I do not know the weight of your trailer
regards Herman
10:20pm 04-23-2012
Mark Ellis
hi There,do you happen to know the all out weight of a mirror offshore MK1 long keel with original trailer
Regards Mark
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